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Global Justice

Global Justice Movement
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This is a community for people interested in information & action on the Global Justice Movement(s) including, but not limited to, opposition to the WTO, IMF, G8, globalization. The interesets list provides a good indication of what subjects will be considered on-topic.

Promotion of relevant communities is welcome.
activism, adbusting, agriculture, aids awareness, air pollution, alternative energy, alternative visions, amnesty international, animal rights, anti-capitalism, anti-corporate, anti-free trade, anti-globalisation, anti-globalization, anti-sweatshop, anti-war, anti-wto, arms trade, awareness, biodiversity, biopiracy, burma, carol adams, carolyn merchant, civil disobedience, civil partnerships, civil rights, community activism, consensus process, consumerism, corporate, corporate responsibility, corporations, deforestation, democracy, demonstrations, depleted uranium, development, direct action, dissemination of information, diversity, drop the debt, earth-based spirituality, eco-feminism, ecocide, ecofeminism, ecology, economics, economy, ecosystems, education, environment, environmentalism, equality, ethical shopping, fair trade, farming, feminism, fisheries, free trade, freedom, g8, gaia, genetic engineering, genetically modified organisms, global justice, global warming, globalisation, globalization, government, grassroots activism, green party, green politics, housing, human rights, imf, indigenous rights, indymedia, local exchange trading systems, markets, nature, ngos, noam chomsky, non-governmental organizations, non-violence, non-violent direct action, nonviolence, oil, palestine, pesticides, petitions, political activism, politics, pollution, poverty, pro-choice, protest, protests, radical, recycling, regulation, renewable, renewable resources, reproductive rights, social change, social justice, sustainability, sustainable agriculture, sustainable development, sweatshop labor, think globally act locally, trade, vandana shiva, water pollution, water rights, workers' rights, world bank, world trade, wto